A Caregiver’s Guide For Assisting Elderly Loved Ones

Parents put in a lot of effort into raising their children. But, for most everyone, the day comes when responsibilities get reversed and the kids need to take care of their elderly loved ones. As we age, we lose our strength and vitality, and even simple tasks, like making dinner or sweeping the floor, can become challenging. Fortunately, by adopting a proactive approach, we can ease their burden, enhance their care, and encourage their wellness.

Being proactive, however, isn’t all that is needed to ensure the wellbeing of an elderly loved one. A holistic approach that closely examines the needs of a parent is also essential. As an example, consider how you might help loved ones live a richer, more fulfilling life through quality social interactions. By reaching out to local community organizations, it’s fairly easy to tap into valuable services that can enrich experiences for the seniors in your life.

Transportation and Getting Around Town

The elderly often lack access to simple transportation. Maintaining and insuring a vehicle can be very expensive, and many seniors live on a fixed income. Furthermore, the act of driving can be difficult for many older folks. Fortunately, there are alternative transportation services that can be arranged for their benefit.

In the event that your schedule is flexible, you might set a specific time a few days a week to take a parent to the grocery store, to appointments, or to lunch. But even if your schedule is flexible, you still may not be able to fulfill your loved one’s needs by yourself. Thankfully, many organizations provide senior citizens with the transportation and care that can keep them involved. Through these accessible services, your parents can get to doctor’s appointments, important errands, and exercise or therapy classes.

Hands-On Assistance at Home

Despite best efforts, the day may still come when your loved ones are no longer able to take care of themselves, and you’ll be left with a tough choice. You could try to care for your parents in your own home, but there may not be enough space, resources, or time for you to ensure their wellness.

You might consider transitioning your folks into a retirement or nursing facility, but they may prefer to remain in their own home. If so, providing in-home care and assistance by hiring an in-home nurse or health aide is always a good option. An extra pair of hands offering care and assistance can go a long way toward helping your parents maintain their independence. In-home care-givers can also identify potential safety issues around the house, and they can work closely with your family to mitigate risks. As an added benefit, in-home helpers also provide social interaction, thus helping ensure that your loved ones don’t become isolated.

In-home health aides provide basic care, such as cooking meals, cleaning the house, and helping with medication reminders and grooming. However, many seniors need focused, high-level medical care, which means hiring a professional, such as a nurse. Nurses can ensure that your parents are well cared for and receive proper treatment, though at a higher cost.

Ensure That Your Loved Ones’ Golden Years Are Truly Golden

Aging can be challenging for both parents and kids, but by developing a holistic elderly care plan, and leveraging resources—such as in-home health care and transportation services—you can ease burdens while also encouraging good health and overall wellness. In turn, this can help parents’ later years be richer and fulfilling.

If you’re not sure what your loved ones need or how to get started, it’s smart to talk with professionals while formulating a care plan. Expert insights, now, could save you from burdensome challenges, later on. The team at AgeWell Cincinnati would love to answer any questions you may have and share helpful resources. Visit us online today, or give us a call at 513-766-3333 to get started.