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May 19, 2017

Active Lifestyle

“I get so much enjoyment from the activities I participate in and the friends I’ve made. And being active makes me feel better, too”

Fay was lonely after her husband died. She longed to get out, play bridge and eat lunch with her friends.  Driving herself wasn’t an option, but when Fay discovered that the JCC offered all the activities she was looking for, she quickly found out about senior transportation services. Now, she hops on a shuttle bus three times a week to meet up with friends for lunch and a few hands of bridge. “I get so much enjoyment from the activities I participate in and the friends I’ve made. And being active makes me feel better, too.”


Social & Leisure Activities

Take advantage of a range of active lifestyle activities each month, including group trips, fitness classes, thought-provoking lectures, films, computer instruction and Jewish enrichment.

Trips and Social Outings

Get out and have fun on group trips and outings to a variety of destinations in the region. Join a group of peers for outings to museums, ballet and theater; restaurants; behind-the-scenes tours of local attractions and landmarks; shopping trips; and even the Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment Center.

Wellness Programs

Keep a healthy and active lifestyle with yoga, movement, fitness and tai chi classes tailored for older adults, along with lectures on wellness and programs to stimulate your mind. Wellness programs, based on studies about safety, are developed to be interactive, achieving better results than other recreational activities.

Enrichment Classes and Lectures

Keep your brain engaged with a range of educational opportunities from single lectures to extended courses in a classroom setting. Each month, choose from lectures on cultural topics, Jewish issues, nature, and more. Most of them are free and don’t require advance registration—you’re welcome to drop in.

Recreation and Fitness

Enjoy a wide variety of recreation and leisure activities. Play chess or scrabble, bridge or mah jongg. Try virtual bowling or a multimedia art project. Join an exercise class and get in shape.

Computer Skills Classes

Stay in touch with relatives located far away through video chats on computers or smartphones. Don’t be intimidated by the latest technology–we’ll demystify it for you. Find out about devices and apps can enhance your life, and learn how to use them.

Shalom Phone (Volunteer Friendly Phone Calls)

If you are over 60 and live alone, you can arrange for someone to regularly check on your well-being and provide reassurance through this social and secure connection. Daily, bi-weekly, or monthly calls provide regular contact to help keep you connected to the community.

K’vod Outreach Center

Do you need help with social isolation? K’vod partners with our community’s congregations, agencies, and community members to identify those who would benefit from more social engagement. Click here for more information.

Jewish Education

In addition to keeping an active lifestyle, nourish your Jewish soul with weekly Torah study, seasonal sessions about the holidays, and lectures on Jewish educational, historical and cultural topics all year long. You don’t have to be religious to learn more about Jewish ideas and values.

Communal Meals

Every weekday, a lively group of adults aged 60 and over meet at noon to share lunch. What’s on the menu? It changes daily and features a variety of tasty, healthy options. The daily lunch group meets Monday through Thursday at the JCC in Rooms 120 and 121, and on Friday in the Amberley Room Gallery. This popular program, called Congregate Meals, is offered for a suggested donation of $3 per meal per person over age 60 and $9 each for friends and family under age 60.

Meal Preparation, Assistance & Delivery

Meals on Wheels delivers regular nutrition along with daily contact with caring volunteers. The services we provide include meals for the homebound, private kosher meals on wheels, and emergency kosher meals. In addition, many delicious and affordable dining options are available in the community, including discounted daily lunch deals, daily hot kosher lunches and to-go meals.


Stay connected to the Jewish community through the loving attention of Friendly Visitors. Through personal visits, regular telephone calls, and help with shopping and other activities, caring and meaningful relationships evolve, improving your quality of life. And the friendly visitors find the reward is definitely mutual.

*Some of our providers do charge for certain programs and services.

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